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 • MergePower introduces Undisclosed Liability module for Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative

 • MergePower obtains Trademark registration for Attribute Pro

 • MergePower receives MISMO 2.3.1 certification


Attribute Pro® - Credit Bureau Attributes

Attribute Pro® allows users to create complex, custom credit bureau attributes through the use of a graphical interface. This enables anyone, even non-programmers, to easily create credit bureau attributes with a few keystrokes or clicks of the mouse. Companies utilizing Attribute Pro® will be able to virtually eliminate the time and cost required for development and testing of credit bureau attributes.

EASY TO USE - Listed below is a sample of the literally thousands of different credit attributes that could be created with this program. Next to each credit attribute is the number of mouse clicks and/or keystrokes needed to create that attribute.

• "Number of Bank Revolving trades opened within the last 2 years" (5 mouse clicks)
• "The total outstanding Balance on all Revolving trades containing any Delinquency within the last 6 months" (4 mouse clicks)
• "Number of 60 Day Lates on Non-disputed Installment trades with a Past Due Amount greater than $50" (3 key strokes and 4 mouse clicks)
• "Percent of credit utilization on Non-delinquent, Revolving trades with a Credit Limit above $5000" (5 keystrokes and 4 mouse clicks)
• "Maximum number of instances, on any single Mortgage trade, of 30 Day Lates within the last 5 years" (4 mouse clicks)
• "Number of months since most recent Collection with a Charge Off Amount between $150 and $2000" (10 key strokes and 3 mouse clicks)

INPUT - Attribute Pro® can create credit bureau attributes from any existing merged credit report in the MISMO XML format. Attribute Pro® also accepts up to six credit repository infiles from any of the three major repositories - Equifax (version 5.0 or 6.0), Experian (version 7) and Trans Union (version 4.0 and 4.1). It outputs its results in MISMO XML.

FAST - Attribute Pro® is unbelievably fast. It can calculate nearly 2,000 different credit attributes each second. This translates into a great turnaround time for your customers.

Attribute Pro® includes the Merge Pro™ merge engine which gives the user the flexibility to calculate the credit attributes from either the merged or un-merged data.

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